ADEBOWALE OLAYINKA NAOMI is a senior student at Ibeju Senior High School, Ibeju. She is fifteen years old. She is one of the beneficiaries of ACF’s bicycle donation program for students who walk very long distances to school and back. After riding to school for more than one term, here is Naomi’s Testimony:

The bicycle helps me to get to school faster than before and earlier than most students. It used to take me between around 45 minutes to walk to school. Now it takes me only 10 minutes to ride to school. When I ride to school, instead of feeling tired or weak I feel energized and strong to learn. The bicycle has helped me to focus more on my studies. The bicycle has also made me stand out among my peers – I am one in town. Through my bicycle I have also inspired other students to learn how to ride. Back home the bicycle helps me and my brother to run errands for domestic use. And everybody is happier.   

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