ACF is excited to be part of the TRANS-SAFE project funded by the European Commission. Trans-Safe is a consortium of highly committed road safety and sustainable mobility research and implementing organizations, NGOs, policy and network partners from both Europe and Africa. Building on numerous synergistic projects, networks, and a strong technical experience among partners, the consortium will deliver an ambitious project through highly effective and innovative approaches to sustainable road safety development, delivering on the 2020 recommendations of the Road Safety Cluster of the African-EU Transport Task Force. The Consortium members have diverse experience, collaborations, and expertise in Africa, and in road safety and international development research.  

Tfe involves national, regional, city level demonstrations to test different types of safe system solutions, complemented by a comprehensive toolbox, capacity development, policy support and replication activities.¬†Ultimately, the project will help deliver on the Joint EU-Africa Strategy (JAES) and advance countries’ progress towards the 2030 agenda for sustainable development (SDGs).

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