We R.I.D.E.


RAISE young African children by bringing education closer to them through the provision of basic mobility – bicycles.

INTERVENE in the fight against needless high mortality in remote areas due to the late arrival of health workers to the site of crisis by providing bicycles.

DEVELOP the spirit of enterprise in and EMPOWER artisans, farmers and market women by taking them closer to their places of work with bicycles.

ENGAGE in the development of the young mind and body by promoting wellness and sports through regular cycling.

Ride to Life

In most parts of Africa chronic poverty tends to be particularly widespread and, even if transport services are available, fares are often too costly for the majority of people. The shortage of cheap, reliable transport impacts strongly on people’s a...

Ride to Save

Africa records a high rate of mortality especially in the hinterlands because health professionals are unable to get to extreme cases of health crisis on time. This negates the efforts made to ensure that personnel and medicines are being provided for...

Ride to School

One key area that ACF focuses on is the promotion of cycling for secondary Schools in Nigeria. We seek to encourage students to adopt cycling as a means of achieving sustainable physical and mental wellness. Pilot programs around the world have revealed...