As a way of encouraging safety on our roads, in May 2023, ACF took part in the inaugural Cycology Cycling Club’s Share the Road (STR) campaign.

The campaign ride was led by the Captain of Cycology and her team members as well as other cycling clubs in Lagos who turned up in their numbers to support the program. The event brought together major cycling clubs, NGOs and government organizations in Lagos, particularly, representatives from Lagos State Ministry of Transportation.

There were speeches by the captain and representatives of other cycling clubs, bikers and stakeholders present. Placards with bold inscriptions written in local languages urging people to “Share the Road,” were handed over to some bus drivers, motorists and road users in general.

ACF president, Mr. Yemi Osilaja, spoke to the people about the importance of improving road safety on our roads as he made reference to the Trans-Safe Project. He reiterated the need for all stakeholders to get involved in making sure that our roads are safe and free from fatal accidents and death rates radically reduced if not completely eliminated. The Trans-Safe project is aimed at radically transforming road safety in Africa. We strongly believe that the Share the Road program has a major safety component which if well considered would bring sanity to our roads, reduce accidents and deaths, not just in Lagos but across Nigeria and Africa at large. On this day, more than 100 hundred persons were reached directly.

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