How do we source our bikes?

  • We purchase used bicycles from the open market.
  • We seek donations of used bikes from individuals.
  • We are in talks with Rotary International for donation of used bicycles.

Who are our target beneficiaries?

  • Secondary school students in rural areas who have to trek long distances to and from school daily.

How do we select our beneficiaries?

  • Beneficiaries are selected based on how long it takes them to walk to school daily (from 30mins and above).
  • We work with relevant educational authorities, community leaders, gate keepers, school authorities and parents/guardians to ensure a smooth and credible process.

How do you measure the impact of your interventions?

  • We have an effective monitoring and evaluation process consisting of post-donation interviews with beneficiaries and their parents, school authorities and the host community.



What is Schools Cycling Challenge (SCC)?

  • The Schools Cycling Challenge (SCC) is a platform for teenagers to exhibit their cycling skills and encourage more teens to take up safe and regular cycling in order to grow into healthy adults with long life expectancy. The goal of the SCC is to facilitate the establishment of cycling clubs in secondary schools.

How can one register?

  • Registration can only be done through a participating school, and all competitors must be part of the school team & presented by the school.

Who provides bicycles for the competition?

  • ACF provides all bicycles and helmets for the competition.

What are the health and safety arrangements for the SCC?

  • A medical team with a fully equipped ambulance will be stationed at the venue throughout the event.

Who is eligible to compete in SCC?

  • Male and female secondary school students from JSS1 – SS3 are eligible to represent their school in the event.

Who can sponsor & how?

  • Sponsorship is welcome from individuals and corporate organizations.

What are some sponsorship benefits?

  • Sponsors’ brands would feature prominently on all competition media and publicity materials.



How is ACF involved in developing cycling in Nigeria?

  • We seek to partner with corporate organizations to establish cycling clubs for their staff.
  • We are involved in a robust advocacy for the development of an enabling environment for a safe and regular cycling at all levels in Nigeria.